Award-winning songwriter Marty Panzer is bringing his fantastic class in lyric writing to New York City in October. Get more info at


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Marty Panzer Brings Songwriting Class to NYC E-mail
Written by Furby   
Thursday, 08 September 2011
Award-winning songwriter Marty Panzer is bringing his fantastic class in lyric writing to New York City in October. Get more info at
Welcome to Furby’s Place E-mail
Written by Furby   
Sunday, 09 December 2007

Finally, my own website…

After months of watching my human at work, I figured out this computer thing. It’s like this…anything these people can do, I should be able to do. I should eat what they eat, I should sleep where they sleep, and I should have some computer time. At least, that’s the way I see it.

So when my person, Virginia Lynn Emrick, created her own website to talk about all her projects and write articles for writers, I decided that I better get busy and learn how to create a website too. I have lots of fun stuff to talk about and share.

These humans take lots of pictures of me, and I DO mean lots. It’s time to share them with the world.

Furby’s Place is the way to share my pictures and tell my own story. Time to get busy writing.


Keeping Up Appearances E-mail
Written by Furby   
Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Gretchen & Furby
Show me the love, Gretch!

Everywhere I go, people always compliment me on my fluffy fur. They tell me things like how soft I am or how pretty I look and they like to pet me a LOT. Let me tell ya…I love to hear that stuff and I certainly love the belly rubs!

Having a nice coat like mine is more than just good genes. It takes a lot of work and care. Trust me.

Every day, I have my people brush me out so I don’t get any knots or tangles. It keeps me looking good as well as stimulates my skin so my hair will grow healthy and shiny. Plus, it removes all those nasty loose hairs so I’m not leaving them all over the house. My people like that part.

Once every 7-10 days, I take a nice warm bath to wash out all the dirt from my trips outside and to smell good. I make sure to clean my face and wash behind my ears too. The water gives me lots of energy; so after a bath, I always do some laps around the house while I dry off. It’s great fun, especially if someone chases me around.

About every 6 weeks or so, I go to the PetSmart salon and visit my favorite stylist, Gretchen. She rocks! She gives me a great bath and trims all my hair to just the right length. She gives me kisses, which of course I return, and she puts little bows in my hair so the boys follow me around. I look so glamorous after Gretchen is through and boy oh boy, do I smell good! 

It’s important to take care of your appearance. While looks aren’t everything, they certainly make a good impression and you never know just who’s watching you.

So, contact Gretchen today and see just how good you can look.

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